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PVC Key Ring 107109

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Flexible PVC rubber injected key rings manufactured in custom shapes. Can be injected in a two or three dimensional image on one or both sides in up to 4 colours but more colours are available for an additional charge. When the key ring is injected on one side the reverse can be overprinted. Choose the size you want from the standard sizes available and send us your idea and artwork we will create the design.
Full Colour
Standard Sizes: 40 mm x 20 mm, 50 mm x 30 mm, 60 mm x 40 mm, 70 mm x 50 mm, 80 mm x 60 mm, 90 mm x 70 mm.
Branding Options
Rubber Injection: Available on both sides.
Screen Print: Available when only one side is injected.
Individual bag.

  • Model: 107109
  • 5000 Units in Stock

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 18 September, 2014.

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